Charson Back to Black at Debsbrie

Born 17/5/2013

Demi has a fabulous temperment and is a right character.

She is totally mad about any type of water, even jumping in the bath on command.

Demi is currently learning agility and had the weave poles mastered in a couple of lessons - I think its her favourite item on the agility course.¬ 

Demi is a registered PAT dog (Pets As Therapy), although we have now joined Therapy Dogs Nationwide

Demi was bred by Sonya Hillier from CH/AM Ch Stormfield Seiso at Charson and Stormfield Blondie.


At the Briard Association Champ show 2016 Demi won her first CC and went on to win BEST IN SHOW

W & P B of Wales 2016¬  Demi won 1st place in Post Grad Bitch

Bath Champ show¬  1st place

Richmond and Bournemouth 2016¬  2nd place

Demi won SECOND place in Post Graduate Bitch at Crufts 2015

Demi won FIRST place in Junior Bitch at the Briard Association Champ show 2014

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Demi is :¬ 

* CSNB Clear

* Hip Score - 7:6